ok. i had been putting this one off for a bit just because i had a lot of processing to do before writing it because if i had written this the day i got home from set it would have read/looked extremely different than what i’m about to write now. ok. here it goes.

getting cast on pretty little…

I’m not saying what you said wasn’t true, because Troian and Ashley might have been having bad days, been sick, etc., etc., I mean I know sometimes I have my moments when I’m completely unpleasant to be around. Doesn’t everyone? Unfortunately you might have witnessed one of their bad days. I mean I have no doubt being on set for as long as they are every week is stressful and there’s definitely a lot that happens behind the scenes that we don’t know about. That being said I’ve met both Troian and Ashley before and they were both as sweet and as down to earth as they could be. I’ve met a lot of celebrities, and they are actually two of the nicest I’ve met.

I met Troian in 2012 in New York after her, Lucy, and Shay were on Good Morning America. At the time I met her there were at least 20 paparazzi mobbing her and I was behind them saying “Troian, can I get a picture?”, she was in a rush but she told the paparazzi “my fans come first.” and her and her agent pulled me past the paparazzi to take a picture with her.

I met Ashley in March at Disneyland and at PaleyFest. Basically I have a fan account on twitter dedicated to her and truly coincidentally went to Disneyland on the same day as her which was really weird but amazing. I’m a huge fan of her so obviously I was trying to find her for most of the day at Disneyland. When I saw her the Disneyland escort person her and her family was with told me and a couple other fans she wasn’t gonna take pictures, I didn’t really listen and I kinda followed at a good distance behind them. I eventually caught up with her sister and took a picture with her and then I caught up with Ashley and kinda leaned over and said “Ashley can I take a picture with you?” and even though the Disneyland escort she was with said she wouldn’t take pictures, she said yes and gestured for me to come over. After I took the picture with her I told her I ran a twitter account for her and she asked which one, when I told her she knew that I was going to PaleyFest the next day, (just shows she takes time to read her fans tweets), and then I told her that it made my year to meet her and she walked back to me and gave me a hug. I was basically standing there shaking, SHE gave me a hug. She even took the time to talk with me and listen to what I had to say for a couple minutes even though she was at Disneyland with her family.

The next day at PaleyFest after the panel when everyone rushed the stage I somehow made it to the front of the stage and people were throwing paper/booklets over my face when Ashley walked by so she didn’t see me at first when she was by me. When she like 9 people down from me I was shouting Ashley (I was shouting cause it was loud), and she heard me and ran over with a huge smile. The security person she was with was definitely a bit annoyed with her because she ran back down to the opposite side of the stage, but she did it even though she probably wasn’t really suppposed to. I asked if we could take a selfie and she grabbed my phone which was on video mode (oops) and took a video with me. 

Honestly I’m sure the girls were having a bad day, maybe something happened the previous day they were on set, or something happened in their personal lives that caused them to not be in the greatest moods or maybe they were even sick. I’m sorry the day that you were on set was a day that they were having a bad day.